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Fake Id

What Happens When A Fake Id Is Scanned

What Happens When A Fake Id Is Scanned

What Happens When a Fake ID is Scanned

Fake IDs have been a popular method for underage individuals to gain access to bars, clubs, and events for years. With advancements in technology, many establishments have turned to electronic scanning systems to help verify the authenticity of IDs and prevent the use of counterfeits.

When a fake ID is scanned, several things can happen depending on the sophistication of the scanning system and the quality of the fake ID. Here, we will explore what happens when a fake ID is scanned and what individuals with fake IDs should be aware of.

1. Error Messages

One of the most common outcomes when a fake ID is scanned is an error message. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as the ID not being properly scanned, the scanning system not recognizing the information on the ID, or the barcode or magnetic strip being unreadable. In these cases, the individual may be asked to provide additional forms of identification or may be denied entry.

2. Data Verification

Many scanning systems are designed to verify the data on the ID with a database of valid IDs. When a fake ID is scanned, the system may cross-reference the information on the ID with the database and flag any discrepancies. This can include mismatched names, birthdates, or expiration dates, which can raise suspicions about the authenticity of the ID.

3. Security Features

Modern IDs are equipped with various security features, such as holograms, UV printing, and microprinting, to prevent counterfeiting. When a fake ID is scanned, the scanning system may be able to detect these security features and determine if the ID is authentic. If the security features are missing or appear altered, the scanning system may signal that the ID is fake.

4. Blacklisting

Some scanning systems are connected to a blacklist of known fake IDs or individuals who have previously attempted to use fake IDs. When a fake ID is scanned, the system may check against this blacklist and alert the establishment if the individual is on it. This can result in the individual being denied entry or facing legal consequences, depending on the severity of the offense.

5. Law Enforcement Notification

In some cases, when a fake ID is scanned, the scanning system may automatically notify law enforcement of the incident. This can lead to the individual being questioned, fined, or arrested for attempting to use a fake ID. Additionally, the establishment may choose to press charges or ban the individual from their premises.

Overall, using a fake ID comes with significant risks, especially with the prevalence of electronic scanning systems. Individuals with fake IDs should be aware of the potential consequences of trying to use them and consider the legal and personal implications before attempting to gain access to restricted areas. It is always best to wait until of legal age to avoid any potential legal troubles.

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